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The celebration of Eid

Posted on July 10, 2016

  On Wednesday, July 6, Ottawa-Vanier volunteers participated in a Liberal Party of Canada-organized presence at the Celebration of Eid which took place at the EY Centre on the Airport Parkway.  Over 10,000 people from Ottawa and the area participated and were welcomed by volunteers from Ottawa-Vanier and other local Riding Associations.  A number of MPs and officials from their offices were also present.  As such, the Liberal Party of Canada was very well represented in two dynamic booths where  guests were offered celebratory candy, Liberal balloons, innovative buttons, Liberal literature and an opportunity to sign-up as volunteers or people interested in the Liberal Party of Canada.  The children were particularly thankful for the candies, balloons and individualized buttons!

One of the numerous Ottawa-Vanier representatives, Mardel McInnis spent most of the day at the EY Centre and had this to say about the experience: “We met many new Canadians from Syria, Jordan and Morocco.  They expressed their gratitude, appreciation and thanks for being permitted to come to their new home, Canada.  Mothers, fathers and children were dressed in their new celebratory outfits.  All were happy, enjoying dancing, a show of reptilian creatures, awesome food, not to mention the merchants’ booths featuring colourful clothing, shawls, etc.”