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The Association Executive Committee

Our vision statement

The Ottawa-Vanier Federal Liberal Association (OVFLA) is a model riding association, ready to enter an election campaign with a strong Liberal brand and to re-elect its candidate by a significant majority.

President : Tony Stikeman

Vice President : Michael McLellan

Treasurer : Lynne Brouillette

Secretary :  Hélène Gauthier

Membership Secretary: Dimple Tejuja

Chair, Policy : Michel Tadros

Chair, Communications : Michael Radzichowsky

Chair, Fundraising : Francis  LeBlanc


Eddy Chery

Mar Gibson

Hersi Hulajeh

Anris Kica

Linda McDonald

Dorothy Milburn-Smith

Paul Moen

Leanne Moussa

Sheila Perry

Melissa Rudderham

Tyler Wordsworth

Additional Directors :

Vijay Tejuja, Past President

Trevor Padbury, President, OVYL

Pierrette Hébert, Past President, OVWLA

Polina Tarasenko, President, Ottawa U. Young Liberals

Ex-Officio :

Marie-Josée Martel, President, OVPLA